Puffin Foundation West, Ltd.

Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. (PFW) is working to enhance the cultural landscape by partnering with not-for-profit groups and individuals* who share our civil and social justice Mission philosophy. If you represent a socially-concerned community organization devoted to creating a better neighborhood and a positive planet; or if you believe that through the aesthetic of art you can open doors, minds and eyes to enhance our culture and enrich the lives of others with your socially-relevant message, we invite you to review our protocols and apply for a grant. We believe artists have the unique ability to peacefully challenge those who seek to limit our expression. By sharing creative talents, artists can speak out loud – to and for all of humanity. This brings social awareness to our communities and reflects our goal of working for a better world.

If you have have received a grant award in the past from Puffin Foundation West, and are located outside of our regional area that we are now going to define as Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana, we will not be able to accept any future grant applications. Unfortunately, our private NFP Foundation was put on a number of Grant Search Websites in 2016 that placed undue pressure on our ability to provide funding that would have meaningful impact. We were overwhelmed but deeply moved that there are so many humans across our land that are fighting for our existence and share PFW’s values. We believe we can achieve many positives, despite the horrors of sectarianism, terrorism, the murder of innocents, trafficking, banksters and greedsters, and etc. plaguing our blue planet. First-time 2017 grantees that were outside of our region received 15% of the total 5% qualified distributions that we are mandated to make by the IRS. We limited the number of grants given to the number we have historically given out being approximately 75. These steps were taken as we do not raise money or accept donations – we are classified as a private conduit foundation.

Java Kitrick, President

*We are allowed by the IRS to grant to individual SS#s however having a NFP Fiscal Agent is recommended. We are not allowed to grant to for-profit concerns/corporations.