Java Kitrick2016 Grant Awardees


We’ve had some really exciting times with The Fantastic Food Garden mural lately.  Not only do residents routinely take selfies in front of it, but the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education has generously used it in their 4th quarter grant application, WOSU Broad & High opened their new fall season with a short film about it, Libby Jean Roller Derby Queen has used it as a backdrop and Adam Miller has just recent filmed his tv ad in front of it.  

In just this year, with just one mural, you’ve made the Hilltop a better place for everyone who lives and works here.  Everyone who funded this mural deserves a huge hug from Summer Jam West for helping to bring such a beautiful piece of art to the Hilltop.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

WOSU Broad & High link:  http://video.wosu.org/video/2365858240/

Photo of Libby Jean Roller Derby Queen attached.  

Patti Von Niessen

Executive Director

Summer Jam West