Java KitrickHistorical Announcements

Nontoxic Printmaking at Cedar River Watershed, a unique hybrid of art, education, and environmental activism, was an overwhelming success! The program took place at:

Cedar River Watershed Education Center

A new series of collagraphs was created via sustainable, nontoxic printmaking techniques in direct response to host organization’s mission to educate the public about stewardship,

biodiversity, and sustainability of the Cedar River Watershed. Then, for four days in June, I,

with portable “mini” press in tow, served as an artist-in-residence at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center conducting hands-on workshops and providing visitors opportunity

to create artworks through environmentally sound processes. Participants took away collagraphs they have inked and printed themselves as keepsakes of their visit to the Cedar River

EuniceKim_6EuniceKim_5 2EuniceKim_4EuniceKim_2

Watershed. The program was free, open to public, and designed for all ages.   Nontoxic Print making at Cedar River Watershed was extremely well received and engaged

upwards of 200 participants over course of the program. A selection of images from our workshops is attached for your perusing. Thank you so much for your generous support of

this very special project!

With deep gratitude,

Eunice Kim