Backbone’s We the People in LIFE Magazine’s 2011 The Year In Pictures! Thank You for All Your Support & Collaboration Happy Holidays!

Java KitrickPress

As we go into the Holidays, I wanted to share one great piece of news along with Team Backbone’s joyous wishes.

As you know, the Occupy movement rightly resisted making specific demands early on, but Backbone Campaign wanted to make sure that the principals associated with and the identity of the movement was truly appealing to the 99%. Backbone Campaign’s effort to HELP provide a principals-based identity to the Occupy movement proved at least partially successful.  They achieved a great deal of coverage/mainstream media penetration for  their support of the occupation of Freedom Plaza. (See collage here).

And now this impressive affirmation of  their  work appeared in  LIFE Magazine’s 2011 The Year In Pictures  which includes  their We the People  “float”  which allows any person to become a  signer as part of its Occupy Wall Street section. Artist Steffon Moody collaborated with   David Godsey  on David’s  inspiration to this project in which began back on  2007. 

The Backbone Campaign  thanks everyone who make their movement building efforts possible.   Puffin West supported this 501(c)(3) in 2011