Java KitrickHistorical Announcements



*From the Columbus Dispatch Article by Rita Price  http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/10/15/bison-sculpture-harkens-back-to-franklintons-past-efforts-at-beautification.html

“Sculptor Jim Swaim guides his life-sized sculpture of a woodland bison to its place atop a 10-foot pole along West Broad Street in Franklinton. The sculpture was dedicated Friday in the Franklinton Botanical Sculpture Garden on West Broad between Souder and Davis avenues. It’s designed as an environmental homage.” img_3661

1) Clean! Volunteers participate in a community clean up

2) Create! Participants filled the sculpture with the litter collected

3) Celebrate! The community gathers to celebrate their efforts and the installation of the sculpture, which represents keeping our earth free of debris!

4) Commit yourself to be a citizen against gun violence in Ohio!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TRENT SMITH AND THE FRANKLINTON BOARD OF TRADE.  PFW was honored to be part of this project of bringing public art with a  civil and social justice message to the people!