Caregivers Share their Voices

Java Kitrick2018 Grant Awardees

We met Ms. Breau last year, who wished to give and share the voices of caregivers taking care of their own loved ones. It was a how-to workshop program entitled Caregivers Share.  PFW found this to be an important area to cultivate as providing caregivers, who are often only family members (many times also aged) support and tools.  Knowing that they are not alone is an empowering aspect of this project.   The project will include having caregivers write their stories, but they will now be able to include videos, audio recordings, and will have a digital place to work with and learn how to share and preserve their cultural heritage, photos, mementos and memories of their lives.  This has been made possible by a new grant from the Mandel Foundation which gave the local public library and incredible grant! The  Memory Lab in in the  South Euclid, Ohio Library. Morton L. Mandel, chairman and CEO of the Mandel Foundation,


in a statement said public libraries “are vital community assets that advance lifelong learning and preserve the stories that shape our culture.” He said the memory lab “will make it possible for generations to pass along the stories, photographs and other artifacts that form our collective cultural history.”