Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


THE DELAWARE YOUTH CENTER- CALLICOON, NEW YORK   The wonderful thing about opening up Grant Applications is sometimes inside the envelope is pure gold. The Delaware Youth Center’s application was 24K. Located in a very rural dairy farm area in New York State near the Pennsylvania border, where many households work two jobs and still have very limited incomes, this … Read More


Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees

CONTINUING OUR SUPPORT AND ENTHUSIASM FOR GCAC’S PROGRAM POWER2GIVE WE ASK YOU TO THINK ABOUT CONTRIBUTING TO THIS PROGRAM AS WELL. Battlegroundz was founded by I AM D.A.N.C.E. LLC in 2011 during a time when there were minimal opportunities for the community to express their affinity for street dancing and the need for an outlet was immense for many. We … Read More

Filling the Void: A Citizens’ Audit of Ohio Oil and Gas Waste Disposal Wells

Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


Thanks to financial support to Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund from the Winslow Foundation, the Patagonia Foundation, the Puffin Foundation West, the New World Foundation, and Ohio Citizen Action members Ohio Citizen Action released a report today highlighting the failures of state and federal agencies to operate the state’s oil and gas waste disposal well program. The Ohio Department of … Read More


Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees

PFW  receives so many updates from all our grantees as to how the grant  they recevied has been so successful in fulfilling our Mission Statement.  Here is a UTUBE link that is quintessential  in demonstrating  how transformative the work and passion that people who have received grants  have made a difference in the lives of children.  PFW loves ROK!   … Read More


Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


OHIO COALITION AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE   Support Picture Peace through power2give and Puffin Foundation West will match you, dollar for dollar.   Picture Peace is a youth outreach and violence prevention program. It provides a safe forum for kids discuss gun violence and gun violence prevention and asks kids to respond to the subject through art. Kids voice their ideas … Read More


Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


Brian W. Taylor a Cleveland friend of Puffin West’s created this mural for a local community center in a church in his neighborhood. We love this Grant! Symbols can tell us so much about our times! Thank you Brian. If you are from Cleveland, Brian would enjoy meeting you as he is new the area!  

THEY’RE BACK…Artists in the Classroom

Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


Tying their performances to Ohio academic standards and common core curriculums 500 students in grades K-5 at the Olde Orchard Elementary School will be the audience for three different performance artists, which have been vetted by the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education. Unfortunately, many of these children have never seen live theatre so PFW is so excited bring them these … Read More

High School Students Get A WorldView at The WEX

Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


Puffin West is always inspired by the excellence in educational programming that the Wexner Center for the Arts has brought to our community as part of their Mission for the past 25 years!  Once again a PFW GRANT will ensure that high school students from throughout the Columbus metro area can take part in an innovative teen program entitled WorldView. … Read More

My Heart In A Suitcase

Java Kitrick2014 Grant Awardees


PFW has provided sponsorship help to ArtsPower to bring to 4700 middle school children in Columbus the gripping and poignant play My Heart In A Suitcase. ArtsPower’s production will touch the hearts of these students as they bring to life an adaption of a survivor’s story about the Kindertransport—a program that permitted Jewish children to leave Nazi-occupied countries and re-settle … Read More