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We wish to thank our Ohio PUFFLINGS  who through their good works by using the universal language of Art  have  helped to raise awareness of Civil and Social Justice Issues and Injustices  that confront our Citizens everyday.  TOGETHER WE CAN GET IT DONE! Burton, Gabrielle- 5 sisters Cartoon Crossroads CATCO CellOh Central Community House Central Ohio Green Fund – WGRN Central … Read More


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Enclosed is my grant report as an individual artist to the Puffin Foundation West for my animated documentary film The Highway, about highway protests against police violence, along with the history of blocking traffic and the State’s relationship to black lives.  I’m attaching four photos, including two highway protest stills and two stills from the Boston Tea Party scene (another … Read More


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PFW was proud to work with the Wexner Center and the Community to create two Fallen Fruit gardens in CMH.   This apple tree was dedicated to Dorothea Rosenstein, whose work in helping to bring Puffins back to the islands of New England  was the inspiration for our NFP’s name.  Unlike Captain Kirk’s  prime directive  which was not to interfere, these … Read More


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Dear Puffin Friends! We hope that you have all have an uplifting year and are pleased that your  programming has met and exceeded your hopes and visions. In order to better help you create your FINAL REPORT that is due by Dec. 15th 2017 which is a due diligence item described in the paperwork that accompanied your award check.   We have created … Read More


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12 million barrels of oil are used each year to make plastic bags consumed in the U.S.   That, FYI is the total amount of oil that is held in our Strategic oil reserve. Not that is plain stupid as it is so easy to bring your own beautiful bag (not made in China). Our friends at Artichoke Dance Company in … Read More


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The fourteenth Endangered Species mural is finished! This one is located in the Laurel District of Oakland, CA, and is a little different in theme and execution form the other murals in the series. First off- it’s not one mural, but four. And secondly, it features a species that is not just endangered, but extinct (at least in California). The … Read More

To Our Backbone Friends and Artist Roger Peet

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From the October issue of In These Times. KATE ARONOFF Landowners who live along its proposed route—made an unconditional pledge: “Standing Rock was a dress rehearsal compared to what this will be. We are not going to let an inch of foreign steel touch Nebraska soil.” A gauntlet had been thrown. Water contamination is of special concern for the tribes. If … Read More