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little farm show 1

The Little Farm Show was performed at the Delaware Youth Center in Callicoon NY. by the NACL theater. The NACL is a local theater group committed to “cultivating a culture of creativity through the development and presentation of innovative theater, education, and sustainable community service.” The show was a rollicking musical extravaganza that focused on foods, farms and the environment. … Read More


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This tour-de-force solo show based on interviews with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon will be performed in 2017 in venues which include private homes, and restaurants and community spaces like Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, Reem’s, and Birba. around the Bay Area. It is presented by Golden Thread Productions as part of their 20 year anniversary series. This … Read More


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“It was a real opportunity—in fact, a need, a desire, a yen—to return to full time art-making,” Van Pelt Petry said. “I said, ‘OK, I’m going to perform again.’ And so I am, and I’m quite excited about it.” In The Linen Closet and Other Collections, Van Pelt Petry will give the world premieres of her newly choreographed works The … Read More

Opening Up A NEW Window On an Ancient Endangered Art

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The Drunken Beauty

Puffin Foundation West, Ltd (PFW) Grant 2017 On the Slowing Down the Decline of Beijing Opera Project Organization: DC Beauty of Beijing Opera Ltd (DCBBO)   The project was designed to enhance the public awareness of the endangered Beijing Opera, a typical form of Chinese theater and a unique window to ancient China, including its culture and value, through educational … Read More

Central Community House’s Community Events

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All youth are welcome to join by gathering Saturday, Sept. 9 at 10:30 a.m. for craft-making at 1251 Bryden Rd./Kwanzaa Playground. If bringing a group please RSVP by calling 614-252-3157 or email!   Neighbors! Please gather in your front yards or the sidewalks on Bryden Road between Wilson and Parsons to cheer on our youth as they become stars of their … Read More


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CENTRAL COMMUNITY HOUSE reached out and on a beautiful  August 10th day a beautiful thing happened. It was out with the old and in with a new playground.  When Vision, Kindness, Muscle, Corporate Generosity  and some community Donated Money come together…… Kids have a new place to play on the near East Side.

UNRAVELING- Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art

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  SPEED MUSEUM – CLOSING PERFORMANCE OCTOBER 14 Sonya Clark, standing straight and tall, gently pats a Confederate flag folded across a work table. Respectful, thoughtful and serious, she talks about this swath of fabric that symbolizes a difficult piece of American history. For her work Unraveling, Clark  has chosen a high-quality flag woven from thick, sturdy cotton and stitched together to … Read More

Light and LIfe to the Stage

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Both Matchgirl and Courage exceeded both our original audience projection numbers and our initial projections of ticket sales. We experience record attendance for Matchgirl. This was due in part to strong attendance at the school matinee presentation on the morning of December 9th and as a result of strong media coverage. Puffin funding is used directly for the Matchgirl outreach … Read More