Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

The capital of Ohio is Columbus and it is time we celebrate the cultures, face, and art that our neighborhoods are creating.  Everyone deserves to be represented, have a voice, share a story and exchange a smile. IMG_2366 No one said things are going to be easy in this life.  Our commitment is to be a bridge for diverse people in our community to share their talents, projects and needs in a safe setting.  There really is room for everyone, and we want to help share and connect the dots.  Puffin West has provided a grant that is led by Project Manager, Ms. Gale Gray.  It is very important that as a society we learn about each other, share customs and traditions, values and joy with each other.  Simply Living acted as the fiscal agent for this project that allowed PFW to pay for these diverse vendors to participate in three summer festivals:  Comm Fest, our final Independence Day and Hot Times in Olde Town.  Many times economics plays a part  and it will not be the case in this instance.  Vendors will have traditional flags flying representing their home countries. Cp,, FestIMG_2330 With thanks too to Mr. Timothy Wolf Starr of Atlas Community Partners who helped to make this all so!