Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

In 1956 MY FAIR LADY, (MFL)v1.bTsxMTIwNzEzNTtqOzE3NDU0OzEyMDA7MTEzNDsxNTEy based on George Bernard Shaw’s plan Pygmalion opened on Broadway. It tells the story of a lowly street flower girl, who is transformed to a refined lady under the tutelage of phoneticist Henry Higgins. She overcomes barriers of class privilege, prejudice, and misogyny with dignity through education and strength of character. This project addresses compelling social issues through the universal art of musical theatre. MFL is an exceptional vehicle to both entertain and educate as it lays bare multiple related issues o social justice. The class and sexual prejudice, misogyny, and snobbery of Higgins are presented in such a manner as to make him and such attitudes deserving objects of exposure through veiled ridicule by revealing the holder of such opinions to be self-centered rather than self aware. Eliza repeatedly demonstrates strength and self-respect.   At the Northland Performing Arts Center, which helps, to bring the finest performing arts to an underserved community that helps to foster community pride and advancement. This show will star Cabot Rea. Sept 15,16,21,22 &23 www.MyFairLady.com