Java KitrickPuffin News

Thank you all for your interest in Puffin Foundation West.  Early determination applications will be reviewed in mid January by the Committee and as you know 15% of the distributions made  beginning in January will go outside of our regional area.  Being a private NFP ( our 990PFs are posted on GuideStar)   we are obligated to the IRS to expense annually 5% of our corpus  in qualified distributions.  That  total amount will be awarded between January 15th  and May 15th in equal draws taken out each month.  Owing to a posting on National Grant Search website we have received 15 early determination requests many from around the county.  We, therefore,  expect  to    process all  of these by the end of February.  We will pay attention to your programming dates.  We again thank you all for the work that you do helping to preserve our humanity and planet.

In service with gratitude,  Java Kitrick- President/Director smidget-at-paciffic_5288-copy