Java Kitrick2018 Grant Awardees

PFW supports the Public Interest and nobody does it better than the Columbus Metropolitan Club (CMC) through their weekly luncheon forums. They present between 45-60 forums each year. Their reach is enormous with about 2000 people who participate in person and thousands more who view their programs on line, on WOSU and/or PBS statewide. These forums are open and marketed to everyone in the community. CMC’s public forums feature art as one of their major discussion categories. Many topics related to the arts are discussed including, leadership, funding, the creative process and arts initiatives. Their audiences are able to meet and listen to arts leaders discussing issues affecting the community through and/or surrounding the arts. The forums also address social issues affecting the community, the nation and the world. PFW is proud to support with and in conjunction with the City’s other major sponsors the work of CMC.