Java Kitrick2018 Grant Awardees

For twenty years, Mr. Leo Savage has created two FREE celebratory dinners that honor distinguished seniors and organizations that have given back to our city, state and/or country.   Most often these people have never been recognized for their service, which has strengthened our democracy and created a more vibrant and kind society.   Docents, volunteers and even secret Santas that have quietly and steadfastly donated   their time   in programs and places throughout the city are called out at these two free dinners. The Spring Fling and the Holiday Red Carpet Dinners not only serve a hundred gourmet meals with all the fixings – be they home made or donated by local restaurants – but Mr. Savage also gets commendations to bestow from their State Representative, The Mayor and even the Governor honors them with a plaque.    One may even be recognized as and Honorary Aide de Camp to the Governor of Kentucky and be installed in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. If you have an idea of someone to be recognize at one of these dinners email