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“Dear Friend,

PLEASE PITCH-IN to Help Backbone publish the Solutionary Rail book, poster, and launch our public education campaign to electrify U.S. railroads for sustainable transport and renewable energy infrastructure that benefits all.

Envision rail, the world’s oldest form of mechanized mass transportation, offering solutions to meet some of the 21st century’s most pressing needs:

  • Addressing climate disruption with rapid transition to renewable energy
  • Reducing economic inequity with sustainable economic development and jobs
  • Rebuilding aging and deteriorating infrastructure.

That’s what Solutionary Rail is all about.  Where there are problems, it offers solutions. It is a strategy conceived by a team of national experts and advocates convened by the Backbone Campaign.  Over the past three years we have been working on a proposal for electrifying U.S. railroads and power freight and passenger trains with renewable energy.  Now we need YOUR HELP to get that proposal out to the citizens and leaders who will make it happen.

Solutionary Rail proposes higher-speed rail, adding capacity and efficiency to our existing network of tracks to draw freight and passengers back from highways and open new opportunities for communities and workers.

We are seeking $17,500 to publish our book and promote Solutionary Rail: How to Jumpstart Rail Electrification in the USThe Solutionary Rail book and educational poster will be critical tools in our campaign to create a major US rail electrification demonstration project along the Northern Corridor from the Great Lakes to the Salish Sea.  

PLEASE PITCH-IN NOW! With YOUR help, our book will be printed and ready for release THIS September!  (A summary of the Solutionary Rail book proposal and benefits is below.)

The book and promotional poster is illustrated by renowned railroad artist J. Craig Thorpe. We include his rough sketches here so you can imagine how important his final paintings will be in helping people vividly imagine the beauty and promise of our proposal.

With your help, we’ll be able to commission those paintings for the book and promotional Solutionary Rail poster, print both, and take this campaign to communities across the corridor. 


In Gratitude and Collaboration, 

Bill Moyer and the Solutionary Rail Team!

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