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CITY YEAR-Columbus is an education focused, nonprofit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service to keep students in school and on track to graduation.  City Year has partnered with the HarmonyProject to present South High Harmonyas a multi-component after school arts program where students have the opportunity to sing in a choir, create murals, provided much needed community service and film a documentary about their community and their school. The program culminates in their participation at the Harmony Choir Winter Concert: Voices of Hope, which takes place on December 19, and 20 at the Southern Theatre.  The students will also have a concert at South High School for teachers, parents and the Southside Columbus Community. Students will work with the Creative Director, David Brown, of the HarmonyProject and these teens will help with the arrangements, harmonies and movement. It has been found that by increasing students’ engagement in after school arts programs including performing service in their community, that there is dramatic increase in self-esteem and self-efficacy.  By giving back, feelings of disenfranchisement often disappear. Teens are enthusiastic about making a difference especially when they are able to choose their community project by identifying a need or a void in their own neighborhood. That fact that the students will film their after school and service activities gives them a record of  the changes they created and gives them credence. Puffin West is proud to support these South High Students, as they become contributing members to their community.


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Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. (PFW) will help sponsor the City of Columbus' Community Relations Commission’s  (CRC) Sixth Annual juried art exhibit for Franklin County Middle and High School students (grades 6-12) which will feature 50 pieces of art celebrating Reverend Dr. Martin Luther's King's legacy.  In these times we are once more called upon to save the troubled soul of America by reapplying Dr. King's mission and spirit to the issues of today.    We are very supportive of the CRC’s efforts to engage our City's youth in this project and believe that exposing  them  to MLK's "DREAM” will inspire them to work for change and to stand up and speak out for what they believe in.  This open invitation to our County’s youth to produce art that deals with issues of immigration, same-sex marriage, GLBT rights, privacy, child labor, human trafficking, worker's rights, economic rights and civil rights will help stimulate a dialogue and provide our City’s young people with a meaningful insight into their own lives and communities.  We are certain  that those who are able to see the Exhibit at City Hall 15Jan-26Feb13 will gain strength in their conviction that they can peaceably transform our society through the language of ART by channeling the courage and accomplishments of MLK.  For all the information please go to www.CRC.Columbus.gov



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b2ap3_thumbnail_Studio-Wms-PB070711.jpgROGER WILLIAMS' Public Art Piece entitled THE OZONE PROJECT  is envisioned to be a moveable outdoor  mural that will be able to travel to different Columbus neighborhoods engaging viewers in its environmental imagery  that broadcasts, using the universal language of art, the message that we all need to Think Green, Save Ozone, Conserve Energy and Protect our Natural Resources.   Mr. Williams' socially relevant environmental message embedded in his deconstructive  painting will have a central image of a CFL light bulb that will be layered upon by a wind turbine, whose blades will be spewing out  colorful or outlines of transparent images of birds, and bugs and flowers.  The playful aspect of Williams' work is able to reach out to young and old alike.  This original piece of meaningful art will expand all viewers' thinking and create a dialogue. 

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The HarmonyProject’s Mission was developed by David Brown. His vision was to create an intercultural social experience, which is personified in this year’s performance on Dec 19th and 20th at the Southern Theatre when 200 diverse community members are coming together to perform a program entitled VOICES OF HOPE. In order to make it to this grand venue, each member of the choir has committed to performing community service for benefit their neighbors in Columbus, OH. This choir's voices represent a rainbow of diversity and spotlight how intercultural harmony through a musical experience can dissolve social and cultural barriers. Service this year includes working with Habitat for Humanity, working at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, or at the Community Shelter Board, or donating time in the city’s seven Settlement Houses. PFW is so pleased we were able, in our small way, be apart of such a positive and growing influence that is tearing down borders and in such an uplifting manner. See more at harmonyproject.com.

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