Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

Inspired by a German children’s song, “Lantern, lantern stay alive. It’s dark outside but my light keeps shining”. Jessica Maffia’s Lanterns for Peace is an installation composed of 500 homemade lanterns lit by tiny LED bulbs that will invite people to write down their answer to the question:

“What do we do now?’ This project is currently being installed at FiveMyles Gallery at 558 St. Johns Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. It will be open 2/20-2/26 from 1-8pm. You are invited to write on one of the blank lanterns to share your own future vision for the planet and create in doing so to create a spontaneous a sense of collective hope among strangers The lanterns connote both the sentiment of a vigil, as well as a beacon of light. This show has previous been shown in Taos, New Mexico, and in Manhattan at the 3-Squared Gallery. It has received a good deal of interest and press. People are extremely eager to share their thought and feelings and have their voices heard. This project is extremely timely.