Java Kitrick2018 Grant Awardees


THE COLUMBUS CHILDREN’S CHOIR (CCC) accompanied with the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra will showcase their repertoire to be performed in Carnegie Hall in sendoff performances in Columbus which all will be free and open to the public. PFW provided a 2017 grant to CCC when this program was first announced last year. The free concerts will include multiple premieres, including a new arrangement of “How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place” by renowned composer Victoria Bond.  Ms. Bond who too has been a long recipient of PFW grant awards is a renowned Composer, Conductor and also the Producer of Cutting Edge Concerts. PFW made the introduction to CCC to Victoria Bond (See our blogs about Victoria and Welltone Music).  CCC’s operates with the Mission of fostering the personal growth of children through meaningful experience in music, education and vocal performances.   They mentor a diverse group of young students and by doing so unite peoples of different cultural, financial and political backgrounds.  Their work creates new opportunities for youth who are typically excluded from high quality instruction.  Through their participation in the NYC Performance project, the youth of CCC will gain new perspectives, self confidence and camaraderie with fellow students all working and collaborating towards a common goal.