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This tour-de-force solo show based on interviews with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon will be performed in 2017 in venues which include private homes, and restaurants and community spaces like Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, Reem’s, and Birba. around the Bay Area. 53726d5b-ef5f-458c-9fe9-bcf7d9178f1eIt is presented by Golden Thread Productions as part of their 20 year anniversary series. This play features Nora el Samahy. She plays a woman of Syrian-German heritage who recalls an encounter with a Syrian aid worker in Paris who disappears and her search for him. She shares with her audience her story all the while preparing a Syrian meat dish in her kitchen of Kibbeh*Kibbeh-GettyImages-122028240-5890f5d33df78caebc6e79a6

This is a play Amir Nizar Zuabi, it is directed by Torange Yeghiazarian and the Actress is Nora el Samahy.

Called “extraordinary” by London’s The Guardian reporter Michael Billington, the play recalls conversations she had with Syrians and Jordanians in her search. Mr. Billington’s review read in part “In a Beirut cafe, the speaker meets a Syrian actor imprisoned by the Assad regime for political activism, whose life was only spared when he engaged his captor in a discussion about a pair of black, pointy, leather shoes. In Amman, she encounters a reporter who evaded captivity by staging his own funeral. Venturing into Syria itself, the speaker sees the devastated cities first-hand and hears people say that “our revolution’s been kidnapped” and turned into a bitter sectarian war.

Performances in the Bay area start on October 12, http://www.goldenthread.org/tickets/

* A Middle Eastern dish, Kibbeh is made of bulghur cracked wheat, minced onions, and lean ground beef, lamb, goat or camel meat and topped off with spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and clove.