Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

This is a multidisciplinary experience by Changing Worlds  integrating artists and writing into schools in three Chicago Elementary neighborhood schools.  The project uses positive art activism for non-violent community and peacemaking within these schools.  There will be nine art making sessions and ten writing sessions.ReducedArtwork-from-students-5  The project is led by well l known community activists that have over 20 years of teaching experience in Chicago.   Teachers in these schools will have a training session to discuss methods to integrate student activism into each school’s curriculum to meet its peaceful community-building schools.

Changing Worlds began in 1996 at Hibbard Elementary School, a Chicago Public School located in the diverse, predominately immigrant Albany Park neighborhood. Driven by a vision to build bridges across cultures through story, its founder, Kay Berkson, partnered with the school’s staff and parents to create an oral history and photography exhibit._History