Puffin West Continues its Support of Community Radio in Columbus, OH and of Democracy Now!

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PUFFIN WEST says TUNE INTO Your Community Radio Station WCRS 102.1 or 98.3 FM and listen to progressive and culturally diverse programming.  We are proud to be able to continue our grant support of  WCRS.   WCRS is the only Radio Station bringing the award-winning daily news program DEMOCRACY NOW! to the Central Ohio airwaves with Amy Goodman and  Juan Gonzalez. Goodman’s investigating reporting has won many of the industry’s top honors, including the Puffin/Nation Institute Prize, the George Polk Award and  the Robert F. Kennedy Prize for International Reporting. Democracy Now! presents a diversity of voices not often heard on other U.S. media. It is part of a growing movement to put the “public” back into public airwaves.  You will listen to energetic debates between independent and international journalists, ordinary people affected by government policy, grassroots leaders, and independent analysts.  It is the largest public media collaboration in the world. heard on over 900 channels.  Visit democracynow.org. Puffin West also encourages the youth of our community to tune in to YOUTH BEAT RADIO every Monday @ 7:30. Every day youth are taking the lead and making a difference and this program is about young people’s creativity and youth leadership  as well as music, poetry and youth news, events, and other special features.  We are proud to support Youth Beat, a ““.