Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

The NCRC&DC is a grassroots non-profit organization that works with youth in environmental education projects and with community members to promote environmentally sound agriculture practices and protection of natural resources in the region of Marin, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties of the north coast of California. They  maximize their impact by collaborating with other organizations on projects that focus on pollinator habitat protection, water conservation, landfill waste and greenhouse gas reduction, new sustainable farming support, and carbon sequestration projects.

Having been able to install a rooftop rain catcher at an elementary school and storage tank that was then used to irrigate their elementary schools garden, a project was born to expand the program into the creative arts. This project combines art with learning about water conservation and the creation of a book that the children can then share with other children. The book is made up of children’s illustrations that have a unique ability to communicate with other children. This too will be an early reader book about the subjects of water and conservation. This is a great Learn-to-Tell project.