Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees



A Classical Music RAVE

produced by

Classical Music Rave, CELLOHIO, & TRISM

Dance to the sickest beats of all time. Rave against the machine.

Where | TRISM Sleek coffeehouse & bar for health-centric fare, coffee & evening cocktails, plus live events.

Address1636 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

When | Tuesday, November 28, 9 PM-12 AM
Classical Music Rave, started in Amsterdam by an ambitious squad of musicians and deejays, unites the best of classical music with the most popular dance music of our generation. Featuring live musicians and innovative deejays, Classical Music Rave expands our arbitrary, exclusive musical genres to create inclusive, unforgettable audience experiences.

PFW gave a 911 Grant to CELLOHIO, Ohio State’s cello ensemble, which is collaborating with celebrated DJ and cellist Brendan Jan Walsh, Creative Director of Classical Music Rave, to produce the first Classical Music Rave event in North America.

Brendan Jan Walsh, born and raised in Belgium, is top-talent mid-career professional, representing the creative image of the Netherlands and Europe, and who has been awarded fellowships from ISPA and the Amsterdam Art Fund. CELLOHIO is showcasing his multinational and interdisciplinary talent here in Ohio.

In the spirit of CELLOHIO’s mission to perform compelling work in dynamic spaces, Classical Music Rave engages audiences with quality art at the intersection of classical and dance music. TRISM, an innovative concept bar.