Java KitrickHistorical Announcements


Over a hundred little ones marched from the KWANZA PLAYGROUND on Bryden Road to the Community Festival “HOT TIMES IN OLDE TOWN” on Sept 11th.   This annual Peace Parade is organized by Central Community House http://info@cchouse.org   Central Community House was created as part of the settlement house movement that brought social services to dwell in underserved neighborhoods to address a specific community’s barriers and utilize its unique assets. In this way the community members created a hub where they could give and receive help, quickly and efficiently responding to the most pressing needs of their own area at any given time. In 1935 the idea for CCH was born out of the efforts of many concerned citizens led by Dr. Roy Burkhart of First Community Church, and Judge Mahaffey and other members of the Juvenile Justice System. The organization launched as a not-for-profit in 1936 “for the promotion of general welfare of the community and the social well-being of its citizens.”

PFW has supported CCH  and their Peace Parade  – which closed Bryden Road down to traffic- for years and this year Puffin gave each marching child bubbles to allow their hopes and dreams float upward and helped to provide the lunch served to them at the Festival.  Please enjoy some photos and if you have any other please jpg them to puffinoh@gmail.com and we will post them. peace-parade