THE 5 SISTERS DID IT!!!Kings, Queens & In-Betweens Gets National Release

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Kings, Queens and In-Betweens has gotten National Release!!!
the national theatrical release of KQIB with openings in NYC at the Cinema Village, and in Columbus at the Gateway Film Center. On Tuesday, it’s available nationally on iTunes & all VOD platforms (!
It is truly a milestone that this moment has come. I’m so happy to be here in Columbus celebrating the arts and the performance community here, and it also is even more clear now, with recent events by this current political administration, how much work we have to do to work for understanding, compassion, and the guarantee of equal human rights for all people.
Cast & crew will be doing discussions after screenings in NYC and Cbus. If you are in Columbus, come to the film this weekend & see me, cast (Nina West, Virginia West, Side Singleton, Julia Applegate, & more), & crew (editors Anita Kwan & Mike Yearling and colorist Matt Hubbard). If you are in NYC, I’ll be there Monday-Thursday at the evening shows! My sisters and members of the cast (Luster Dela Virgion, Liz Balk, & Kari Kerning) will also be in NYC this weekend at the 7 pm & 9 pm screenings.
RETWEET the film’s trailer at this link:

For more information on Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens, please visit: #KQIB #DragIsNoDrag #BeyondGenderBoundaries