Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees


Climate change is the result of extractive mass production leading to a throwaway culture.  Standing in a seemingly endless flow of garbage, how can we envision and make a better future?  The Catalyst Network of Communities catalyst_network_logo_200 in California opened their first FREE STORE in 2015 and began work on creating a market space for artist to access tools and materials to divert them from the waste stream.  In 2016 they hosted a pilot program entitled REPAIR AND SHARE FAIR, which helped divert things from the landfill that had been discarded to be repaired or repurposed.    They had 25 skilled volunteers fixing broken items. Guest artists taught participants creative ways to reuse materials for quilting.  From there a FREE STORE was opened which housed a table where visitors could write to their Congressmen.  Free tacos were served and donated by a local business and the Mayor and two city council members have shown up at some of these events.