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Dear Java,

On behalf of AMERICA REFRAMED, an Emmy-nominated documentary series on public television, I invite you to the national broadcast premiere of A NEW COLOR: THE ART OF BEING EDYTHE BOONE, a film about the life and work of San Francisco Bay Area muralist, activist and educator, Edythe (Edy) Boone. Perhaps best known for her work on the iconic San Francisco Women’s Building mural, “Maestrapeace,” (1995) Boone was one of its seven original muralists. Boone believes that art is for everyone and that collaborative artmaking can be a transformative experience for children and adults of all ages. She explores representations of African Americans to convey a complex inner world and humanity, while confronting racial stereotypes and social inequities.

AMERICA REFRAMED premieres A NEW COLOR on WORLD Channel on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 as part of our Black History Month programming this February.  It will also be available for free streaming online following the broadcast.  america-reframed-logo

(PUFFIN WEST WAS A SUPPORTEROD)……..A  NEW COLOR by helping us celebrate the national broadcast of this film. We invite you to:

Thank you for the important work you do. Please let me know the best person to follow-up with about sharing our program’s resources. I look forward to exploring ways we can work together to engage with the public and spark meaningful conversation through the medium of public television.

All my best,

Natalie Ruiz Tofano

Associate Producer, AMERICA REFRAMED
212-989-8121 (ext. 315)