Puffin Foundation West, Ltd.

Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. (PFW) is working to enhance the cultural landscape by partnering with not-for-profit groups and individuals* who share our civil and social justice Mission philosophy. If you represent a socially-concerned community organization devoted to creating a better neighborhood and a positive planet; or if you believe that through the aesthetic of art you can open doors, minds and eyes to enhance our culture and enrich the lives of others with your socially-relevant message, we invite you to review our protocols and apply for a grant. We believe artists have the unique ability to peacefully challenge those who seek to limit our expression. By sharing creative talents, artists can speak out loud – to and for all of humanity. This brings social awareness to our communities and reflects our goal of working for a better world.

Java Kitrick, President

*We are allowed by the IRS to grant to individual SS#s however having a NFP Fiscal Agent is recommended. We are not allowed to grant to for-profit concerns/corporations.