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As promised, here is the link to the Town Hall Ohio radio show featuring Mr. Ricksecker that aired last weekend:  https://ofbf.org/2016/07/11/development-food-farm-town-hall-ohio/  About 25 minutes in  the Broadcast, the Pearl Market is discussed and the initiative started by Puffin West  over four years ago that gave EBT/SNAP card holders ten dollars more (FOR FREE) to spend when they deducted ten dollars from the card.  This gave these shoppers the opportunity to actually get $20- a week grant money when they shopped at the Pearl market for Produce and other local food products and this also gave the farmers up to twenty dollars a week per person in sales!!!!  The radio broadcast was part of a series promoted by the Ohio Farm Bureau which is  continuing to  tell the stories of people, places and businesses that make Ohio a great place to call home. Visit the Pearl market every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30-1pm in the alley!