To Our Backbone Friends and Artist Roger Peet

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From the October issue of In These Times. KATE ARONOFF Landowners who live along its proposed route—made an unconditional pledge: “Standing Rock was a dress rehearsal compared to what this will be. We are not going to let an inch of foreign steel touch Nebraska soil.” A gauntlet had been thrown. Water contamination is of special concern for the tribes. If … Read More


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    *From the Columbus Dispatch Article by Rita Price “Sculptor Jim Swaim guides his life-sized sculpture of a woodland bison to its place atop a 10-foot pole along West Broad Street in Franklinton. The sculpture was dedicated Friday in the Franklinton Botanical Sculpture Garden on West Broad between Souder and Davis avenues. It’s designed as an environmental homage.”  … Read More

WELCOME TO 43215!!!!!!!

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THANK YOU MadLab AND Columbus’ own premier artist, Mr.  ROGER WILLIAMS,  FOR THE NEW MURAL GREETING EVERYONE COMING TO TOWN OFF OF 670 EVEN HILLARY AND DONALD! The mural entitled “DINNER WITH SHAKESPEARE”  is Roger’s ostrich egg design done for Chuck Bluestone’s project done on a 2 dimensional plane and blown up SO BIG. It is FABULOUS! and PFW was … Read More


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  Over a hundred little ones marched from the KWANZA PLAYGROUND on Bryden Road to the Community Festival “HOT TIMES IN OLDE TOWN” on Sept 11th.   This annual Peace Parade is organized by Central Community House   Central Community House was created as part of the settlement house movement that brought social services to dwell in underserved neighborhoods to address … Read More


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The Hot Times Kate Schulte Tribute is a series of concerts and workshops presented by the Kate Schulte Foundation in and around the Hot Times Community Arts and Music Festival. To learn more about the other events, visit our website.  Plenty of Good Times at Hot Times! September 9-10-11, 2016 240 Parsons Ave – Corner of Main & Parsons The annual Hot Times … Read More


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Summer Jam & The Fantastic Food Garden July 16, 2016 Summer Jam Westgate featured 5 local bands with genres ranging from country and classic rock to Reggae. We hosted 28 local craft artisans, 12 local artists, 8 partnering booths that supported our theme, and 8 food venders. This year we installed an 80 Fantastic Food Garden mural, painted by Danielle … Read More


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“Dear Friend, PLEASE PITCH-IN to Help Backbone publish the Solutionary Rail book, poster, and launch our public education campaign to electrify U.S. railroads for sustainable transport and renewable energy infrastructure that benefits all. Envision rail, the world’s oldest form of mechanized mass transportation, offering solutions to meet some of the 21st century’s most pressing needs: Addressing climate disruption with rapid transition to … Read More


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As promised, here is the link to the Town Hall Ohio radio show featuring Mr. Ricksecker that aired last weekend:  About 25 minutes in  the Broadcast, the Pearl Market is discussed and the initiative started by Puffin West  over four years ago that gave EBT/SNAP card holders ten dollars more (FOR FREE) to spend when they deducted ten dollars … Read More


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Nontoxic Printmaking at Cedar River Watershed, a unique hybrid of art, education, and environmental activism, was an overwhelming success! The program took place at: Cedar River Watershed Education Center A new series of collagraphs was created via sustainable, nontoxic printmaking techniques in direct response to host organization’s mission to educate the public about stewardship, biodiversity, and sustainability of the Cedar River Watershed. … Read More