Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

The “Linen Closet and Other Collections” by Individual Artist and celebrated dancer, SUSAN VAN PELT PETRY will be presented September 7-9 at the Van Fleet Theatre. It will include 4 pieces that through its episodic structure examines and celebrates many facets of women: Their clothes, their bodies and their work. The use of fabric is a theme and through manipulation of sheets, napkins, aprons, and bolts of fabric a collection of characters are revealed that are resolute, sensual, oppressed and eccentric. download PFW WAS HAPPY TO PROVIDE TO THE CULTURAL ARTS CENTER a grant that was used to preview the early portions of this work in progress late last year. It truly was one of PFW’s favorite performances of the year and please join us for this project performance. Other pieces will be presented including one in collaboration with Ric Petry who has created a video work using dance, motion and graphics. “The Gift Project” will also be danced which is a series of 5 vignettes with text addressing the complexities of gifting, issues of reciprocity and debt, and the underlying desire to build relationships.