Not only did we write over 190 grant award checks, PFW was honored for the work it has accomplished since receiving our 501(c)(3) in 2010. With respect and gratitude for the Governor’s Award for the Arts in Ohio 2017 Art Patron Award, all grants in 2018 will be awarded only to OHIO NFPs and citizens.

As 2018 projects are completed we will post periodically, throughout 2018, some of the Final Reports received from Grantees – as they are an inspiration to us all and demonstrate that when you give GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD MONEY, GREAT THINGS CAN AND DO HAPPEN.

For 2018 grantees: FINAL REPORTS are due when your project is completed in 2018. The final due date is December 7th, 2018. PFW reserves the right to recall grants should a Final Report not be received as we must attest on our IRS 990PF that all grant funding was used with respect to the application as submitted. This is an IRS requirement referred to in your grant award acceptance letter.



Puffin Foundation West’s grants’ committee meets and reviews all Grants received and makes Grant award determinations.

Pursuant to the Grants’ Committee Applicants whose Mission does not compliment Puffin Foundation West’s Mission will receive a Not Taking Letter via USPS.

1099’s ARE PREPARED for 2018 Grant Awardees and Mailed.

JANUARY 5, 2018:
Legitimate Early Determination Grants are reviewed first.

JANUARY 5 – MAY 15, 2018:
Grant awards are made and essentially $40,000 per month in grant awards are processed each month. Some awardees get more than one check to fulfill their grant award given by the Grants’ Committee.

MAY 15, 2018:
Final Date, Grants are awarded.

AUGUST 2018:
Grant Applications for 2019 will be posted as a PDF in mid-August and all information related to applying for a Grant will be contained in that packet.

PFW’s 2019 Grant Application Packet and all salient instructions and information will be downloadable online. All applications must be submitted/mailed on a printed version of the Application enclosed in the packet. This is a standardized procedure for the IRS.

Original Grant Applications for 2019 will be accept by snail mail ANYTIME BETWEEN September 10th and must be received in-hand (not postmarked) by December 14th, 2018. Remember that grants are logged in by the date they are received. Not submitting your grant until December means you will be in the last batch of grants reviewed by the Committee.

2019 GRANTS:
Early Determination applications will be in-hand by November 19th. These are for projects slated for January, February, March, and April 2019. Early Determination funding will not be available to be mailed until the 2nd week in January, 2019 so think about those parameters when you submit your application.

We will be pleased to update your 2018 projects on our website as the year progresses. Email us at puffinoh@gmail.com and include a jpg or two. 


General Information

No. Your application must be a mailed ‘hard copy’ and signed.
You can always include a 3-5 minute disk if you feel that it will help portray your project and the Grant Committee will watch it if it opens on a MAC. Please limit hard copy attachments to six images of your work. We recognize the costs associated with certain prints and accept photocopies. If you want your material back, send a SASE along with your application and your materials will be returned.
We’re interested in art projects that educate the public on topical issues that seek to enrich and inform the public on important subjects such as the environment, social justice, civil rights and other contemporary issues facing the country (and the planet), that other organizations might hesitate to fund. You may call this Activist Art. The Foundation also gives special consideration to communities that feel that their children are underserved by the arts. We are NOT driven by a classification of a school being a Title One School. “(Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (ESEA) provides financial assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards).” Our website will give you the best understanding of the types of projects we fund and you are encouraged to explore all the grants given in past years. That is one of the reasons why we archive all Grants on our website.
We use many criteria to judge proposals including the dollar amount of the request, whether the applicant is well established in her/his/their field, who will see/be exposed to the end product, i.e. cost per capita, if you/your organization received a PFW grant previously, and the overall topic addressed. We also encourage new and emerging artists to apply.
References are not required, but if you decide to include them, two are sufficient. Often, applicants will also include letters of support from collaborating organizations/partners with their applications. This is very helpful in our deliberations. If any references or letters of support are provided, they should be included with your application.
NO. We ask that all information be provided in one submission. The obvious exception(s) would be if there was a major change in your project. Sometimes PFW upon reviewing a Grant proposal may contact you for additional information or clarification or even make suggestions to strengthen your proposal if we are “intrigued” by it.
Anyone applying for a grant as an individual is asked to provide a SS#. If an award is given, we generate a 1099 since the money is considered as income for tax purposes and we require a SSN for our records. As with many areas in tax, there is probably not a sharp line dividing the use of box 3 or 7 on a 1099. The more important matter to PFW is that the 1099s are prepared and filed. Either way, the amount received by a grantee is taxable to the recipient. As for what is or is not subject to self-employment tax, the recipients must make their own decision; it is not for PFW to decide, regardless if box 3 or 7 is used.
This number is only requested for applicants who are applying as a non-profit organization by the IRS, or if a groups is using a ‘fiscal sponsor’ that will receive and administer any grant received. A fiscal agent will also have to return the W-9 to PFW, as they will receive the 1099 in January 2018. Such applicants do not have to supply their personal Social Security; instead they should include all the information about the Fiscal agent, including all contact information requested on the Application form, including, name, address, contact person, email, and yes, their Not For Profit/ Non-Profit Organization number. For instance, the number assigned to us by the IRS is #27-2753994.

Who Can Apply

The Foundation does not have the resources to offer financial assistance for scholarships or educational funding.
No. The Foundation does not fund travel expenses or conference fees. This includes room and board. While many are undoubtedly worthwhile endeavors, they remain outside our purview. We do review requests for honorariums.
The Foundation typically will not consider grants from NFPs whose annual budget is $1 million or more. The overall size and annual budget of each applicant is taken into consideration. Foundation grants are relatively modest in size and, therefore, the larger the annual budget, the less likely we may deem the funds necessary. This enables us to prioritize our grants to applicants with fewer organizational resources. We do look at specific projects within large NFPs that meet our Mission and request that our branding/logo be used as appropriate for that exhibit, performance, etc.
We are more inclined to work with groups after the large documentary project has been completed to help them make their educational reel/DVD, as the cost per capita is more within our grassroots framework of granting.
Current grantees can apply in the year following their grant award for a continuing grant for any on-going community outreach project; however, new grant applicants/those who never received a PFW grant will be considered first. Demand is very high and we find that these guidelines help us reach more potential grantees. If you were not awarded a grant, please feel free to apply in successive years.
This type of Grant project is not encouraged, as we like to close our books at the end of each fiscal year.

The Review Process

We’ll start notifying early determination applicants in mid-January. All applicants should hear about the status of their proposal by the end of May. Please read about Early Determination found in our 2017 Grant Application and Information document. We judge each project on the merits, so being reviewed earlier in the process does not increase or decrease your chances of being awarded a grant unless the performance/exhibition date for your project has already passed.

For Grantees

Using our logo is encouraged. Our Logo can be found on the first page of our website www.puffinwest.org. If your project is using a screen for projections of any kind, we will also ask you to use a slide if this is feasible and reasonable to do so and we will send you our logo for that purpose. We have many images and formats available. Our PFW logo as a brand is well known and is broadly recognized. As we are a private foundation, we currently do not solicit funds and never have. As that is a fact, there is no quid quo pro. Once you have received a Grant, you are now part of the Puffin Foundation West Family as we said previously; it is very interesting that a group of PUFFINS is called a GATHERING; PFW is also asked by some grantees to place an “ad” in their program. Many groups provide the ad space for free, and at times PFW does buy print ad space. We have a host of ads, which are on file that may be very appropriate for your event. You will need to contact us at puffinoh@gmail.com and send us the specifications and pricing, if any. People love seeing our little bird and it is estimated that it is seen around or over 250,000 times each year!
We realize that the Foundation’s rolling awards schedule does not always match an applicant’s calendar year budget and/or timeline and that many projects may not be finished by the end of the calendar year. Our fiscal year ends December 31, your calendar year may end June 30th and etc. In these cases, we’ll ask for both a ‘year-end’ report on your Grant for our records, but also request you send a final report when the Puffin funds are used/project is complete/etc. If a project is not completed/finished a year from the date the Grant Award is issued, please advise by DECEMBER 15TH in writing as to what problem(s) you have encountered. We do have the right to recall grant funding (and we have) but we do try to work with you. We will send a reminder e-mail in using BCCs to the e-mail on file to all successful applicants in October. IF YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION HAS CHANGED FROM THE TIME YOU APPLIED YOU MUST ADVISE US OF SAME!!

A narrative of the project you applied for is expected. This should include details of the project, how many people worked on the project, how many people attended the project, where it was held and any other details you would like to share. This information is held on file in the event that the IRS wishes to review our files to see if the Grant award was used for its stated purpose. This is very important as we have to attest on OUR IRS 990PF Tax returned filed on May 15 that all grant awards were utilized for their stated purpose. That is why we need your report, as it shifts the burden onto to you.

One or two graphic images included with our final e-mailed report as attachments and in a jpg format that shows a highlight of your grant could be included in your annual report. Sometimes we post final reports on our website under Announcements. You may also include copies of fliers and news clipping about the event.

The Puffin Foundation is an independent Foundation that shares some past and present board members with Puffin Foundation West. There is no legal affiliation. We do have, however, continuous dialogue and discuss grant proposals that were sent to each respective Foundation. Both Foundations have been known to provide grants to the same organization but this is not usual.