Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

The Delaware Youth Center in CALLICOON, NY 10888795_849831475068460_7710850378449634142_n-300x200is used for a host of events and activities by 5 different townships in New York and nearby Pennsylvania. This is a very rural area. Many households work two jobs and still have very limited incomes. We try to provide social, recreational and educational opportunities to a community that includes many isolated individuals. Children are the focus of much of their programming. Their Summer Program has attracted hundreds of children for at least forty years. PFW Funding has been given to them to help present the play ‘THE LITTLE FARM SHOW” also know as the greatest show on dirt which uses original colorful handmade sets, shadow puppets, music and humor to explore the important questions: Where does our food come from and what does it mean to eat healthy?