Java Kitrick2016 Grant Awardees

Neal A. Lester, Ph.D., Founding Director of Project Humanities and  Foundation Professor of English at  Arizona State University asked PFW for a grant award to help complete  the work done by the late Dick Wagner on a theme song for Project Humanity 101. Dr. Lester then asked Mr. Bobby Taylor, who discovered Michael Jackson when he was 8 years old, to come to Arizona State University to help bring the HUMANITY 101 song which, is about togetherness, to life in the recording studio. He said YES! Mr. Taylor now 82 will recount that story and others in a community conversation about his life and music when ASU’s Project Humanities hosts “An Evening with Bobby Taylor” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, at the ASU Memorial Union. It coincides with a trip that will allow the 82-year-old Taylor to produce “Humanity,” a musical plea for tolerance, peace, empathy and creativity.

“Humanity” was written and initially performed by the late Dick Wagner — known for collaborations with Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss and Lou Reed.

“We are extremely fortunate and excited to have Mr. Bobby Taylor, a true music icon, celebrate our shared humanity,” said Neal Lester, founding director of ASU’s Project Humanities and Foundation Professor of English. “We are now able to compete the work begun by Dick Wagner.”