Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. seeks to open the doors of artistic expression by providing grants to artist activists and arts organizations often excluded from mainstream opportunities due to race, gender, or social philosophy. Artists are able to reach across the borders of our imagination and in doing so often peaceably transform our society’s ideas about social justice issues.  Creative expression and innovation have always helped move society towards a more progressive democracy and allow us to recognize our universal humanity. Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. is committed to supporting such grass-roots artists and organizations.

The Puffin is a metaphor for our work.  This species once prospered off the coast of New England but was hunted almost to extinction for its feathers and for stew. In the late 1970’s, and shortly before her death, Dorothea (Mrs. Perry) Rosenstein, (the mother of PFW’s Director) was part of a small group of volunteers who worked on a project with Dr. Stephen W. Kress,  now Director of the Seabird Restoration Program and Vice President for Bird Conservation of the National Audubon Society to reintroduce Puffins back to these islands.  This was the first attempt to restore a puffin colony; the outcome was unknown.   Owing to these constructive efforts these birds did make a comeback.

Perry Rosentein, President and Founder of the Puffin Foundation and PFW, in tribute named his private foundation after this restoration project’s little bird because unlike Captain Kirk’s prime directive that you mustn’t interfere, many times you do have to step-up to make things right. Sadly, Puffins as well as many other species are now threatened, this time by GLOBAL WARMING and the encroachment of civilization so many creatures’ habitat and corporate contamination of the natural world.

The Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. will partner and also help build community partnerships with other concerned groups and individuals to insure that the arts continue to grow, enlighten and enrich our lives. PFW accepts Grant Applications from individuals, educational, cultural and social justice organizations for projects meeting our Mission’s objectives, that utilize Art, Dance, Music, Theater, Photography, Film/Video, Writing, Poetry and Public Interest platforms.

Java Kitrick, President