Java Kitrick2016 Grant Awardees, Puffin News


As you now PFW is a  private conduit foundation that has no quid quo pro and we only grant grassroots funding pursuant to our Mission Statement…..meaning PFW has  no mortgages to sell you,  no gas for you to buy, no insurance for you to purchase and etc!  Our 2017 grant applications are now on line.  This weekend we proudly present the Puffin West Market Place that has been developed to share with you some of the diversity in our great city and their artists and crafts. We thank WOSU, Community Relationship Commission, Timothy Wolf Starr and all others for their help in making this so.   It is our hope that    we can finally begin thinking of ourselves as a Metropolis.  You will see the flags flying from our collection of international vendors, from Canada, Poland, India, American Indian, Japan. Canada , Somalia, Bangladesh, Mexico, and other countries as well as our Miss Puffin Flag.