The Regeneration Project- Religion and Science Meet

Java Kitrick2018 Grant Awardees


The Mission of Ohio Interfaith Power & Light is to empower a religious response to climate change and to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy.  This deep connection between ecology and religion and seeks to mobilize a religious response to global warming. Co-founded in 2007 by an engineer, Keith Mills and a nun, Paula Gonzales, a Sister of Charity who met at a Solar Conference hey found that they were both inspired to cofound the Ohio affiliate of Interfaith Power and Light a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit. Their project with PFW is sponsoring is entitled BE THE SPARK AND WILL PROVIDE AN EMPOWERING WAY TO ENCOURAGE RENEWED CREATIVITY AND PASSION IN THE CLIMATE JUSTICE MOVEMENT. The grant will be used to create a workshop whose participants will then go back to their communities and use the organizing tool and relationship building tools to engage others.