Java Kitrick2017 Grant Awardees

The Anne Frank Memorial at the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights in Boise, Idaho was vandalized on three consecutive days with racist and Antisemetic graffiti.  At the memorial were two stone tablets with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Viciously and telling, those tablets were among the vandals’ targets.  Puffin West had granted the Wassmuth Center this year and that award was done to contribute to a sculptureSpiral

for the front of their Center.   (www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/may/14/eye-on-boise-vandalism-at-anne-frank-memorial-call)

Anne Frank Center for Mutual image001 respect and Puffin West have had  a shared Mission statement for years and our grants awards   have helped them  share many programs with the public.   Their Executive Director, Steven Goldstein, immediately made plans with the Wassmuth Center to send a team to Boise to present their signature theatrical production for reconciliation “Letter from Anne and Martin”.  This performance will be followed with a public town meeting for education and healing.  This intervention into a community in pain will also serve as helping create a template for a Rapid Response Team by the  Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect.